[October-2020]E20-594 Exam Dumps-PDF and VCE(Full Version)E20-594 192Q Download in Braindump2go[Q127-Q150]

[October-2020]E20-594 Exam Dumps-PDF and VCE(Full Version)E20-594 192Q Download in Braindump2go[Q127-Q150]

greatexam October 20, 2020

2020/October Latest Braindump2go E20-594 Exam Dumps with PDF and VCE Free Updated Today! Following are some new E20-594 Real Exam Questions!

What are the four categories of events available under the event monitoring of a Dell EMC Avamar Administrator?

A. System, Internal, User, and Audit
B. System, Application, Information, and Debug
C. System, Application, User, and Security
D. System, Error, User, and Warning

Answer: C
https://www.emc.com/collateral/TechnicalDocument/docu91832.pdf (223)

A Dell EMC Avamar backup administrator has recently added 2000 desktop/laptop clients running daily scheduled backups to the backup environment. However, the administrator notices that more than 2000 additional backups are running each day.
What is the cause of this issue?

A. Backups are not completing in the scheduled time and are automatically re-running after four hours
B. By default, each desktop/laptop client can perform on-demand backups
C. Each desktop/laptop client automatically generates two backup jobs
D. Backups are exceeding the soft limit and are automatically split into two sessions

Answer: B

A company needs to increase the capacity of an existing Dell EMC Avamar multi-node server with Gens 3.9 TB storage nodes. They want to add three new storage nodes to the server.
Which node type is added to support this Avamar multi-node server?

A. Gen4 3.9 TB
B. Gen4S M600
C. Gen4S M1200
D. Gen4S M2400

Answer: A

Which factor impacts Dell EMC Avamar checkpoint overhead?

A. Avamar server capacity
B. Outgoing replication
C. Frequency of client backups
D. System daily change rate

Answer: A

You have been asked to deploy a Dell EMC Avamar Virtual Edition (AVE) at a local field office. The requirement is to back up the Windows file server and the file system of nine Windows desktop computers. From historical data you know that daily changed data never exceeds 7 GBs. What is the smallest AVE that should be deployed?

A. 0.5 TB
B. 1 TB
C. 2 TB
D. 4 TB

Answer: A

A company’s Dell EMC Avamar server has a 30 day backup retention period. A request was made to restore a file that was deleted 35 days ago. The Avamar server has been running daily maintenance and backup windows successfully. Will the requested file be available on the Avamar server and why?

A. No, garbage collection has been running and deletes unused chunks from backups that have expired.
B. Yes, the latest checkpoint will have the file.
C. No, HFS check has been running and deletes unused chunks from backups that have expired.
D. Yes, by default the Avamar server only runs garbage collection once a week.

Answer: A

Which command is used to discover and list physical node numbers and IP addresses on a multi-node Dell EMC Avamar server?

A. status.dpn
B. rebuild.node
C. asktime
D. mapall

Answer: D

A company wants to modify the Dell EMC Avamar maintenance window as their backup windows have changed. Which maintenance window can they use?

A. Any window according to their environment
B. 6am to 8pm only
C. 8am to 8 pm only
D. 8pm to 8am only

Answer: A

What is the operating system partition size for a Dell EMC Avamar Virtual Edition server?

A. 30 GB
B. 50 GB
C. 80 GB
D. 126 GB

Answer: D
https://www.emc.com/collateral/TechnicalDocument/docu89907.pdf (p.19)

What is the grace period allowed for the initial Dell EMC Avamar installation without a permanent license?

A. 15 days
B. 30 days
C. 45 days
D. 60 days

Answer: B

A company is interested in implementing Dell EMC Avamar as a backup solution. They have provided their current data protection needs. Which tool should be used to determine the Avamar Data Store capacity required?

A. Deduplication Assessment
B. Assessment Workbench
C. Solution Builder
D. Avamar Procedure Generator

Answer: C

What is a key feature of Dell EMC Avamar’s global data deduplication technology?

A. Only during incremental backups are objects backed up once across the backup environment
B. Only during differential and incremental backups are objects backed up once across the backup environment
C. Objects are backed up multiple times across the backup environment
D. Objects are only backed up once across the backup environment

Answer: D

Following a successful full root-to-root replication from one Dell EMC Avamar server to the other, what is the recommended method to switch the backup clients to the new Avamar server?

A. Update the DNS server to redirect the old source server hostname to the new backup server’s IP address
B. Move the clients from the old Avamar to the new one using Avamar Client Manager
C. Reactivate the clients with the new Avamar server
D. Run a batch file to activate the client to both Avamar servers

Answer: A

What accurately describes implementing a Dell EMC Avamar solution for Microsoft Exchange Server 2013?

A. Avamar Exchange plug-in leverages Microsoft MAPI interface to back up and restore Microsoft Exchange databases
B. Avamar Exchange GLR plug-in supports individual e-mail message recovery
C. Avamar Exchange GLR plug-in is required for mailbox database recovery
D. Avamar Exchange plug-in does not support the restore of a mailbox database to RDB

Answer: B

A storage administrator needs to roll back the Dell EMC Avamar server to a pervious checkpoint. When is a checkpoint considered reliable enough to be used for a system rollback?

A. After a passed HFS check
B. After a successful garbage collection
C. Immediately after replication
D. Immediately after completion

Answer: A

In the latest version of a Dell EMC Avamar server, which port is used to browse AVAMARSERVER to reach the Avamar Installation Manager GUI?

A. 7354
B. 7453
C. 7543
D. 7591

Answer: C

A company is purchasing a Dell EMC Avamar Gen4T single node server for their backup needs and requires that all management be on a dedicated network. Which network interface is dedicated to management?

A. eth2
B. eth3
C. eth4
D. eth5

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit. A Dell EMC Avamar backup administrator notices that a large unnecessary backup had been taken. To free up capacity, the administrator decides to delete this backup. The administrator notices that the backup has an entry listed below it that is labeled “Remote”.
Based on the exhibit, what must be done to ensure that the backup is deleted from the environment?

A. Delete just the local backup, the remote backup will delete automatically
B. Delete the remote backup, the local backup refers to the client machine
C. Delete both the local and remote backups
D. Delete the local backup then perform a replication

Answer: D

Which level of granularity is used by Dell EMC Avamar to identify duplicate or redundant data?

A. Variable block
B. Fixed price
C. Sub-file
D. Files

Answer: C

How many client connections, per storage node, are supported by a multi-node Dell EMC Avamar 7 server?

A. 27
B. 36
C. 72
D. 128

Answer: C

At which percentage of OS capacity are new checkpoints no longer created?

A. 90%
B. 94%
C. 96%
D. 98%

Answer: C

To maintain efficient operations in a Dell EMC Avamar with Data Domain solution, what is the recommended maximum utilization limit for the Data Domain capacity?

A. 75%
B. 80%
C. 85%
D. 90%

Answer: D

In a Dell EMC Avamar server rack architecture, where are the utility node and two internal switches located?

A. Utility node is at the bottom of the rack, the two internal switches are at the top of the rack
B. Utility node is at the top of the rack, the two internal switches are at the bottom of the rack
C. Two internal switches are at the top of the rack, the utility node is above the spare node at the center of the rack
D. One internal switch is installed at the top of the rack, with the second switch above the utility node which is at the bottom of the rack

Answer: A

Which options do the Gen4T M2400 single and multi-node platforms provide?

A. 2.0 TB license capacity, four disks, 2 TB RAID 1, eight Ethernet ports
B. 3.9 TB license capacity, six disks, 2 TB RAID 1, eight Ethernet ports
C. 7.8 TB license capacity, 12 disks, 2 TB + 1 SSD RAID 1, eight Ethernet ports
D. 7.8 TB license capacity, 12 disks, 2 TB RAID 6, eight Ethernet ports

Answer: C

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