Free Download Of Greatexam IBM C4040-252 PDF Dumps With The Latest Exam Questions

Free Download Of Greatexam IBM C4040-252 PDF Dumps With The Latest Exam Questions

greatexam May 21, 2015

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A P0WER6 customer is considering an upgrade to a new Power System, and needs to ensure availability at a DR site. The recovery point must be as close to current as possible without going to continuous availability. Recovery time must be less than four hours.

What should be proposed to the customer?

A.    Utilize a dual VIOS system to provide redundancy.
B.    Utilize PowerHA to replicate the server and storage to a backup system and manage the failover.
C.    Create a PowerVM configuration that has two instances of the server with Power mirrored storage.
D.    Create a clustered system with a Primary and backup system using a single SAN attached storage device.

Answer: A

Which of the following differentiates the capabilities of IBM Cloud Manager with OpenStack from PowerVC?

A.    Deploys images within the image repository with policy based placement.
B.    Provides virtual machine relocation.
C.    Captures existing virtual machines as images within the image repository.
D.    Generates custom expiration policies for each virtual machine.

Answer: D
Explanation: (See Page #33, 3rd point).

A customer has a tape drive directly connected to a 8Gb FC adapter to one LPAR which now needs to be shared between four LPARs. Network and storage are being accessed through NPiV and SEA.
In addition to assigning the adapter to the VIOS, what else needs to be done?

A.    Reassign the tape to client LPARs as needed.
B.    Assign the tape drive to the partitions.
C.    Complete the NPIV connectivity and map the tape to client partitions.
D.    Complete the vSCSI connectivity and map the tape to client partitions.

Answer: A

In addition to an S822L, what is a component of the IBM solution for Hadoop?

A.    DCS3700
B.    Flash System 840
C.    ESS
D.    DS8870

Answer: B

A managed service provider offering retail cloud services on E870 with DS8870 storage would like to use storage copy services to replicate data between a primary and secondary data center located 200 miles (322 km) apart.
Which product is required?

A.    FlashCopy
B.    Metro Mirror
C.    Global Mirror
D.    Snapshot

Answer: B

A customer wants to provide storage to 16 partitions on a new E880. Each partition requires at least 10 individual LUNs. The customer has strong skills with SAN administration, but only moderate skills with VIO Server.
Which technology is the best recommendation based on the customer skill set?

A.    SVC
B.    NPIV
C.    vSCSI
D.    MPIO

Answer: B

A customer has two Power E870 systems and requires Power Enterprise Pool implementation.
What is required to implement the solution?

A.    License Key
B.    Redundant HMCs
C.    A configuration files from IBM
D.    Fully populated memory slots

Answer: B

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