[December-2020]Free Download Updated CAS-003 Exam Dumps CAS-003 726Q from Braindump2go[Q606-Q626]

[December-2020]Free Download Updated CAS-003 Exam Dumps CAS-003 726Q from Braindump2go[Q606-Q626]

greatexam December 16, 2020

December/2020 Latest Braindump2go CAS-003 Exam Dumps with PDF and VCE Free Updated Today! Following are some new CAS-003 Real Exam Questions!

A remote user reports the inability to authenticate to the VPN concentrator.
During troubleshooting, a security administrate captures an attempted authentication and discovers the following being presented by the user’s VPN client:

Which of the following BEST describes the reason the user is unable to connect to the VPN service?

A. The user’s certificate is not signed by the VPN service provider
B. The user’s certificate has been compromised and should be revoked.
C. The user’s certificate was not created for VPN use
D. The user’s certificate was created using insecure encryption algorithms

Answer: B

A DevOps team wants to move production data into the QA environment for testing.
This data contains credit card numbers and expiration dates that are not tied to any individuals.
The security analyst wants to reduce risk.
Which of the following will lower the risk before moving the data?

A. Redacting all but the last four numbers of the cards
B. Hashing the card numbers
C. Scrambling card and expiration data
D. Encrypting card and expiration numbers

Answer: B

Following the most recent patch deployment, a security engineer receives reports that the ERP application is no longer accessible.
The security engineer reviews the situation and determines a critical security patch that was applied to the ERP server is the cause.
The patch is subsequently backed out.
Which of the following security controls would be BEST to implement to mitigate the threat caused by the missing patch?

A. Anti-malware
B. Patch testing
D. Vulnerability scanner

Answer: B

A Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is running a test to evaluate the security of the corporate network and attached devices.
Which of the following components should be executed by an outside vendor?

A. Penetration tests
B. Vulnerability assessment
C. Tabletop exercises
D. Blue-team operations

Answer: A

A security manager is determining the best DLP solution for an enterprise.
A list of requirements was created to use during the source selection.
The security manager wants to confirm a solution exists for the requirements that have been defined.
Which of the following should the security manager use?


Answer: E

Designing a system in which only information that is essential for a particular job task is allowed to be viewed can be accomplished successfully by using:

A. mandatory vacations.
B. job rotations
C. role-based access control
D. discretionary access
E. separation of duties

Answer: C

The information security manager of an e-commerce company receives an alert over the weekend that all the servers in a datacenter have gone offline.
Upon discussing this situation with the facilities manager, the information security manager learns there was planned electrical maintenance.
The information security manager is upset at not being part of the maintenance planning, as this could have resulted in a loss of:

A. data confidentiality.
B. data security.
C. PCI compliance
D. business availability.

Answer: D

A company contracts a security consultant to perform a remote white-box penetration test.
The company wants the consultant to focus on Internet-facing services without negatively impacting production services.
Which of the following is the consultant MOST likely to use to identify the company’s attack surface? (Select TWO)

A. Web crawler
B. WHOIS registry
C. DNS records
D. Company’s firewall ACL
E. Internal routing tables
F. Directory service queries

Answer: BE

A company is concerned about disgruntled employees transferring its intellectual property data through covert channels.
Which of the following tools would allow employees to write data into ICMP echo response packets?

A. Thor
B. Jack the Ripper
C. Burp Suite
D. Loki

Answer: D

A security engineer is making certain URLs from an internal application available on the Internet.
The development team requires the following
– The URLs are accessible only from internal IP addresses
– Certain countries are restricted
– TLS is implemented.
– System users transparently access internal application services in a round robin to maximize performance
Which of the following should the security engineer deploy7

A. DNS to direct traffic and a WAF with only the specific external URLs configured
B. A load balancer with GeolP restrictions and least-load-sensing traffic distribution
C. An application-aware firewall with geofencing and certificate services using DNS for traffic direction
D. A load balancer with IP ACL restrictions and a commercially available PKI certificate

Answer: B

A company enlists a trusted agent to implement a way to authenticate email senders positively.
Which of the following is the BEST method for the company to prove Vie authenticity of the message?

A. issue PlN-enabled hardware tokens
B. Create a CA win all users
C. Configure the server to encrypt all messages in transit
D. include a hash in the body of the message

Answer: A

A company recently migrated to a SaaS-based email solution.
The solution is configured as follows.
– Passwords are synced to the cloud to allow for SSO
– Cloud-based antivirus is enabled
– Cloud-based anti-spam is enabled
– Subscription-based blacklist is enabled
Although the above controls are enabled, the company’s security administrator is unable to detect an account compromise caused by phishing attacks in a timely fashion because email logs are not immediately available to review.
Which of the following would allow the company to gam additional visibility and reduce additional costs? (Select TWO)

A. Migrate the email antivirus and anti-spam on-premises
B. Implement a third-party CASB solution.
C. Disable the current SSO model and enable federation
D. Feed the attacker IPs from the company IDS into the email blacklist
E. Install a virtual SIEM within the email cloud provider
F. Add email servers to NOC monitoring

Answer: BE

The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of a company that has highly sensitive corporate locations wants its security engineers to find a solution to growing concerns regarding mobile devices.
The CISO mandates the following requirements:
– The devices must be owned by the company for legal purposes.
– The device must be as fully functional as possible when off site.
– Corporate email must be maintained separately from personal email
– Employees must be able to install their own applications.
Which of the following will BEST meet the CISO’s mandate? (Select TWO).

A. Disable the device’s camera
B. Allow only corporate resources in a container.
C. Use an MDM to wipe the devices remotely
D. Block all sideloading of applications on devices
E. Use geofencmg on certain applications
F. Deploy phones in a BYOD model

Answer: BE

After analyzing code, two developers al a company bring these samples to the security operations manager.

Which of the following would BEST solve these coding problems?

A. Use a privileged access management system
B. Prompt the administrator for the password .
C. Use salted hashes with PBKDF2.
D. Increase the complexity and length of the password

Answer: B

A security administrator receives reports that several workstations are unable to access resources within one network segment.
A packet capture shows the segment is flooded with ICMPv6 traffic from the source fe80::21ae;4571:42ab:1fdd and for the destination ff02::1.
Which of the following should the security administrator integrate into the network to help prevent this from occurring?

A. Raise the dead peer detection interval to prevent the additional network chatter
B. Deploy honeypots on the network segment to identify the sending machine.
C. Ensure routers will use route advertisement guards.
D. Deploy ARP spoofing prevention on routers and switches.

Answer: D

Joe an application security engineer is performing an audit of an environmental control application.
He has implemented a robust SDLC process and is reviewing API calls available to the application.
During the review, Joe finds the following in a log file.

Which of the following would BEST mitigate the issue Joe has found?

A. Ensure the API uses SNMPv1.
B. Perform authentication via a secure channel
C. Verify the API uses HTTP GET instead of POST
D. Deploy a WAF in front of the API and implement rate limiting

Answer: B

An organization implemented a secure boot on its most critical application servers which produce content and capability for other consuming servers A recent incident, however led the organization to implement a centralized attestation service for these critical servers.
Which of the following MOST likely explains the nature of the incident that caused the organization to implement this remediation?

A. An attacker masqueraded as an internal DNS server
B. An attacker leveraged a heap overflow vulnerability in the OS
C. An attacker was able to overwrite an OS integrity measurement register
D. An attacker circumvented IEEE 802.1X network-level authentication requirements.

Answer: C

A company’s Internet connection is commonly saturated during business hours, affecting Internet availability.
The company requires all Internet traffic to be business related.
After analyzing the traffic over a period of a few hours, the security administrator observes the following:

The majority of the IP addresses associated with the TCP/SSL traffic resolve to CDNs.
Which of the following should the administrator recommend for the CDN traffic to meet the corporate security requirements?

A. Block outbound SSL traffic to prevent data exfiltration.
B. Confirm the use of the CDN by monitoring NetFlow data
C. Further investigate the traffic using a sanctioned MITM proxy.
D. Implement an IPS to drop packets associated with the CDN.

Answer: A

An attacker has been compromising banking institution targets across a regional area.
The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at a local bank wants to detect and prevent an attack before the bank becomes a victim.
Which of the following actions should the CISO take?

A. Utilize cloud-based threat analytics to identify anomalous behavior in the company’s B2B and vendor traffic
B. Purchase a CASB solution to identify and control access to cloud-based applications and services and integrate them with on-premises legacy security monitoring
C. Instruct a security engineer to configure the IDS to consume threat intelligence feeds from an information-sharing association in the banking sector
D. Attend and present at the regional banking association lobbying group meetings each month and facilitate a discussion on the topic.

Answer: C

Users have reported that an internally developed web application is acting erratically, and the response output is inconsistent.
The issue began after a web application dependency patch was applied to improve security.
Which of the following would be the MOST appropriate tool to help identify the issue?

A. Fuzzer
B. SCAP scanner
C. Vulnerability scanner
D. HTTP interceptor

Answer: A

A company makes consumer health devices and needs to maintain strict confidentiality of unreleased product designs.
Recently unauthorized photos of products still in development have been for sale on the dark web.
The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) suspects an insider threat, but the team that uses the secret outdoor testing area has been vetted many times and nothing suspicious has been found.
Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the unauthorized photos?

A. The location of the testing facility was discovered by analyzing fitness device information the test engineers posted on a website
B. One of the test engineers is working for a competitor and covertly installed a RAT on the marketing department’s servers
C. The company failed to implement least privilege on network devices, and a hacktivist published stolen public relations photos
D. Pre-release marketing materials for a single device were accidentally left in a public location

Answer: D

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