This page was exported from Latest Braindump2go VCE And PDF Dumps Free Download [ ] Export date:Mon Nov 18 3:47:04 2019 / +0000 GMT ___________________________________________________ Title: [December-2018]Braindump2go 640-692 Exam PDF and VCE Instant Download[Q30-40] --------------------------------------------------- December/2018 Braindump2go 640-692 Exam Dumps with PDF and VCE New Updated Today! Following are some new 640-692 Real Exam Questions:1.|2018 Latest 640-692 Exam Dumps (PDF & VCE) 82Q&As Download:|2018 Latest 640-692 Exam Questions & Answers Download: 30On which three operating systems does HyperTerminal not come pre-installed? (Choose three)A. Windows XPB. Windows VistaC. Mac OSXD. Windows 98E. Windows 7F. Windows 2000Answer: BCEQUESTION 31Which three of the following describe Fast Ethernet? (Choose three)A. 1QBASE-T H BB. 100BASE-TC. 10-Mb/s speedD. 100-Mb/s speedE. requires Category 3 or higher UTP cablingF. requires Category 5 or higher UTP cablingAnswer: BDFQUESTION 32Drag and drop question Answer: QUESTION 33Which bits represent the boot field in the configuration register value?A. highest two bitsB. highest four bitsC. lowest two bitsD. lowest four bitsAnswer: DQUESTION 34At the interface configuration prompt, which command returns you to the main configuration prompt?A. Ctrl-ZB. endC. exitD. quitAnswer: CQUESTION 35Drag and drop question Answer: QUESTION 36Which port displays the bootup process on a Cisco device?A. ATMB. BVIC. ConsoleD. EthernetAnswer: CQUESTION 37Which type of memory stores the startup configuration file for the Cisco device?A. FlashB. NVRAMC. RAMD. ROMAnswer: BQUESTION 38Which command initiates the copy of an IOS image to a Cisco device?A. copy flash tftpB. copy tftp flashC. copy tftp ftpD. copy tftp nvramE. xmodem flashAnswer: BQUESTION 39When using a modem to provide out-of-band access to a Cisco router, which cable is used to connect the modem to the router?A. DB-25 to RJ-45B. RJ-45 to RJ-45C. RJ-44 to RJ-45D. DB-9 to RJ-45E. DB-45 to RJ-45Answer: AQUESTION 40Which two of the following are installed fiber-optic connectors? (Choose two)A. subscriberB. crossoverC. multi-dimensionD. LucentAnswer: AD!!!RECOMMEND!!!1.|2018 Latest 640-692 Exam Dumps (PDF & VCE) 82Q&As Download:|2018 Latest 640-692 Study Guide Video: YouTube Video: --------------------------------------------------- Images: --------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- Post date: 2018-12-26 03:40:02 Post date GMT: 2018-12-26 03:40:02 Post modified date: 2018-12-26 03:40:02 Post modified date GMT: 2018-12-26 03:40:02 ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Export of Post and Page as text file has been powered by [ Universal Post Manager ] plugin from