This page was exported from Latest Braindump2go VCE And PDF Dumps Free Download [ ] Export date:Tue Jan 28 6:34:28 2020 / +0000 GMT ___________________________________________________ Title: [April-2018-New]Download Braindump2go 400-251 PDF Dumps for Free[166-176] --------------------------------------------------- 2018 April New Cisco 400-251 Real Exam Dumps with PDF and VCE Just Updated Today! Following are some new 400-251 Real Exam Questions:1.|2018 Latest 400-251 Exam Dumps (PDF & VCE) 359Q Download:|2018 Latest 400-251 Exam Questions & Answers Download: 166When TCP intercept is enabled in its default mode, how does it react to a SYN request?A. It intercepts the SYN before it reaches the server and responds with a SYN-ACKB. It drops the connectionC. It monitors the attempted connection and drops it if it fails to establish within 30 secondsD. It allows the connection without inspectionE. It monitors the sequence of SYN, SYN-ACK, and ACK messages until the connection is fully establishedAnswer: AExplanation:The default mode of TCP intercept is active intercept mode 167Refer to the exhibit. What are the two effects of the given configuration? (Choose two) A. It permits Time Exceeded messages that indicate the fragment assembly time was exceededB. It permits Destination Unreachable messages that indicate the host specified in the datagram rejected the message due to filteringC. It permits Destination Unreachable messages that indicate a problem delivering the datagram to the destination address specified in the datagramD. It permits Parameter Problem messages that indicate an unrecognized value in the Next Header FiledE. It permits Parameter Problem messages that indicate an error in the headerF. It permits Destination Unreachable messages that indicate an invalid port on the host specified in the datagramAnswer: CFExplanation:icmp type 1 code 3 is for address unreachable, icmp 1 code 4 is for port unreachable. 168According ISO27001 ISMS, which of the following are mandatory documents? (Choose 4)A. ISMS PolicyB. Corrective Action ProcedureC. IS ProceduresD. Risk Assessment ReportsE. Complete Inventory of all information assetsAnswer: ACDEExplanation:Corrective action report is a required document but not the procedure 169Which two statements about ICMP redirect messages are true? (Choose two)A. By default, configuring HSRP on the interface disables ICMP redirect functionality.B. They are generated when a packet enters and exits the same router interface.C. The messages contain an ICMP Type 3 and ICMP code 7.D. They are generated by the host to inform the router of an alternate route to the destination.E. Redirects are only punted to the CPU if the packets are also source-routed.Answer: ABQUESTION 170Which two statements about NAT-PT with IPv6 are true? (Choose two)A. It can be configured as dynamic, static, or PAT.B. It provides end-to-end security.C. It supports IPv6 BVI configurations.D. It provides support for Cisco Express Forwarding.E. It provides ALG support for ICMP and DNS.F. The router can be a single point of failure on the network.Answer: AEQUESTION 171Which of the following Cisco IPS signature engine has relatively high memory usage ?A. The STRING-TCP engineB. The STRING-UDP engineC. The NORMALIZER engineD. The STRING-ICMP engineAnswer: AExplanation:String-TCP engine has the highest number of signatures and has higher memory utilization 172Which of the following two options can you configure to avoid iBGP full mesh?(Choose two)A. BGP NHTB. route reflectorC. local preferenceD. confederationsE. Virtual peeringAnswer: BDQUESTION 173Refer to the exhibit, if R1 is acting as a DHCP server, what action can you take to enable the pc to receive an ip address assignment from the DHCP server ? A. Configure the IP local pool command on R2B. Configure DHCP option 150 on R2C. Configure the IP helper-address command on R2 to use R1's ip addressD. Configure the IP helper-address command on R1 to use R2's ip addressE. Configuration DHCP option 82 on R1F. Configure the ip local pool command on R1Answer: CQUESTION 174Which two statements about LEAP are true? (Choose two)A. It is compatible with the PAP and MS-CHAP protocolsB. It is an ideal protocol for campus networksC. A symmetric key is delivered to the authenticated access point so that future connections from the same client can be encrypted with different keysD. It is an open standard based on IETF and IEEE standardsE. It is compatible with the RADIUS authentication protocolF. Each encrypted session is authentication by the AD serverAnswer: EFQUESTION 175Which two of the following ICMP types and code should be allowed in a firewall to enable traceroute? (Choose two)A. Destination Unreachable-protocol UnreachableB. Destination Unreachable-port UnreachableC. Time Exceeded-Time to Live exceeded in TransitD. Redirect-Redirect Datagram for the HostE. Time Exceeded-Fragment Reassembly Time ExceededF. Redirect-Redirect Datagram for the Type of service and HostAnswer: BCQUESTION 176What are the three response types for SCEP enrollment requests? (Choose three.) A. PKCS#7B. RejectC. PendingD. PKCS#10E. SuccessF. 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