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Which statement is true about this AS filter accomplishes?  A.    It filters incoming BGP update with any AS number matching "5.5", but not 515,525.535 etc this only inan AS_SETB.    It filters incoming BGP updates with an AS number starting with the digit 5 and ending with the digit 5, and this only in an AS_PATH.C.    It filters incoming BGP updates with an AS number starting with the digit 5 and ending with the digit 5 and this only in an AS_SET.D.    it allows any AS number with the statement * ** and this only in an AS_PATH. Answer: A QUESTION 342Which are the two limitations of the predefined NAT solution? (Choose two.) A.    Only the port-presentation option is available.B.    The global port limit parameter is not available for the predefined mode.C.    NetFlow and syslog are not supported.D.    The Bulk Port Allocation configuration is not available.E.    it cannot be configured for each of the inside VRF instance. Answer: BD QUESTION 343Drag and Drop QuestionDrag and drop the service provider MPLS core component on the left onto the matching functionality on the right. Answer:   QUESTION 344A service provider is running a single area OSPFv2 instance in the MPLS network. The OSPF re-convergence time is becoming excessively slow as the service provider MPLS network grows. Which two action can improve network performance without implementing a multi area design? (Choose two). A.    Configure incremental SFPB.    Reduce type 5 LSAsC.    Implement Partial Route ComputationD.    Limit number of TVLsE.    Enable LSA group pacing Answer: AE QUESTION 345In PIM-SM operations, the first router connected to the multicast source sends the Register message to which device? A.    Designated Router (DR)B.    Multicast sourceC.    Multicast receiverD.    RP mapping agentE.    RP Answer: E QUESTION 346which description is true about how remote IP Fast re-route address feature in the ring topology A.    routers establish an MPLS TE Tunnel with all PQ nodes in the ringB.    routers establish an MPLS TE Tunnel with both ring edge routersC.    routers establish targeted LDP Session with the furthest router that is in a PQ space it requiresD.    routers establish a GRE Tunnel with the closet PQ node in the ringE.    routers establish a GRE Tunnel with the furthest PQ node in the ringF.    routers establish targeted LDP Session with the closet router that is in a PQ space Answer: F QUESTION 347Refer to the exhibit. Which OSPFv3 redistribute configuration provides the equivalent results when redistributing from EIGRP IPv6 prefixes on to OSPFv3 as it happens when redistributing from EIGRP IPv4 prefixes onto OSPFv2?  A.    ipv6 router ospf 10 redistribute eigrp 10 connectedB.    ipv6 router ospf 10 redistribute eigrp 10C.    ipv6 router ospf 10 redistribute eigrp 10 include-connectedD.    ipv6 router ospf 10 redistribute eigrp 10 redistribute connected Answer: C QUESTION 348In PPPoA architecture, which two methods are most commonly deployed? (Choose two) A.    terminating PPP sessions at the service providerB.    L2TP tunnelingC.    GRE tunnelingD.    PPPmultiplexingE.    PPP framing Answer: AB QUESTION 349In an inter-AS L3VPN Option B, the PE-ASBRs use which routing table to store all the VPN routes that need to be exchanged? A.    BGP table.B.    global routing table.C.    VRF routing table.D.    IGP table. Answer: C QUESTION 350On Cisco IOS XR platform, why would an engineer use the load rollback command instead of the rollback command? A.    to revert commits with IDs 1000000005 and 1000000007 simultaneouslyB.    to revert changes to admin mode configurationC.    to revert changes to RPL objectsD.    to revert a change even after a subsequent change is made Answer: A QUESTION 351An support engineer has been tasked to protect an ISP infrastructure fromthe growing number of encrypted DDoS attacks. The solution should alsovalidate the eBGP peering.Which solution accomplishes these goals? A.    BGP FlowSpecB.    BTSHC.    BGP Route DampeningD.    BGP LSE.    RTBH Answer: B QUESTION 352An engineer is deploying SSHv2 only in band access. Which three options reflect the minimum configuration to enable the SSHv2 services on Cisco routers? (Choose three) A.    Add router hostname on DNS services.B.    Define a hostname for the device.C.    Define a domain name for the device.D.    Create an access list that defines authorized hosts for SSH.E.    Create crypto keys by using the crypto key generate dsa command.F.    Configure a key modulus in the global configuration. Answer: BCE !!!RECOMMEND!!! 1.Braindump2go|2016 New 400-201 PDF & 400-201 VCE 414Q&As Download: 2.Braindump2go|2016 New 400-201 Questions & Answers: --------------------------------------------------- Images: --------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- Post date: 2016-08-31 07:23:20 Post date GMT: 2016-08-31 07:23:20 Post modified date: 2016-08-31 07:23:20 Post modified date GMT: 2016-08-31 07:23:20 ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Export of Post and Page as text file has been powered by [ Universal Post Manager ] plugin from